Britain and the EU, What next?

26 Feb

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This pamphlet seeks to assess the challenges posed to the trade union and labour movement by Cameron’s renegotiation of British membership of the European Union (EU). This renegotiation, it is argued, will significantly worsen the impact of the EU on working people – not just in Britain but very probably elsewhere in the EU as well.

The question trade unionists now have to answer is whether the human costs and consequences of EU membership on these new terms justifies their continuing support. The pamphlet will consider: l How far ‘Social Europe’ delivers sufficient benefits to counteract the consequences of the EU’s austerity economics – and will continue to do so after Cameron’s renegotiation.

• How far the EU has been, and still is, a force for peace and a guarantor of political stability in Europe.

• Whether leaving the EU would deprive Britain of key markets and result in large-scale…

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