If Hillary Wins, Democrats Lose. Seriously. Here’s Why

27 Feb

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Armory of the Revolution


For all the ad hominems and bombast directed toward Hillary Clinton by the Republican field, on substantive issues of military belligerence and interventionism in the affairs of foreign countries, their is little difference between Hillary and the Republicans.

Same goes for such issues as political campaign financing, lobbyists, Wall Street, breaking up the too big to fail banks, and the appointment of industry hacks to departments, regulatory agencies, and even cabinet positions which oversee their very industries,

On most issues, such as immigration reform, women’s reproductive health, national healthcare, voting rights, expanding rights for the LGBT community, etc, Hillary is the far more attractive candidate to Democrats.

So, what’s the problem?

Apart from the power to appoint justices and judges, and to issue temporary executive orders, neither Hillary nor a Republican president can accomplish anything with a deadlocked Congress.

The Democrats are poised to retake the Senate in 2016. The…

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