[Abibitumi Kasa Event] United Front: The Vanguard Of Afrikan Insurrektion Musik

1 Mar

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United Front: The Vanguard of Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik

Abibitumi Kasa Event

United Front: The Vanguard of Afrikan Insurrektion Musik

On Sunday, March 13th at 3pm EST we’ll connect in real-time (video & audio), with other like-minded Afrikans for a BlackNificient event in which we’ll be presented with the most BlackPowerful rap group called United Front. We’ll get to know more about them, their music and their message.

Black Power and Liberation, Manhood, Warriorhood, Fatherhood, Ourstory, Nation Building and many more BlackTastic topics are at the heart of their music. The quality of their content is unparalleled, with unmatched aggression towards our enemies and empowering words to help (re)build our people. Their last album to date is entitled “Lumumba’s Revenge” and is one of the best rap album ever recorded!

This event will be the opportunity to discover United Front for those of us who don’t know about them yet…

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