Hillary Has Brought Blacks “To Heel!”

1 Mar

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Armory of the Revolution


One of the most disturbing comments ever made by Hillary Clinton was in support of her husband’s crime bill.

She called black youths “super predators” and announced that they should be “brought to heel.”

The black political establishment is choosing to forget those ugly words in exchange for positions of influence and access in what they hope is a Hillary Clinton presidency. To help assure that outcome, professional black activists and black political hacks are beating a drum roll to drown out those progressive activists who see Clinton for what she clearly is. And what she is not.

What she is is an opportunist.

And that is the most generous description she can be accorded. More critical observers will opine that Hillary Clinton is not just a political windsock, but an instrument of the people and interests which own her.

The most troubling and suspicious of all are her ties…

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