BK/NY – Saturday, March 5th – Hardcore Benefit for NYC ABC

3 Mar

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NYC Anarchist Black Cross

WHAT: Concert
WHEN: 8pm sharp, Saturday, March 5th, 2016
WHERE: AVIV496 Morgan Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11222 (directions below)

COST: $8-12, sliding scale

Mad Diesel ABC Benefit

We’re not writing this to get all misty eyed, but there are a couple of things that make us genuinely appreciative– the support of amazing bands and the knowledge that in a world that seems to be in an infinite downward spiral there is still a subculture bound to resistance. On March 5th, come to AVIV, have some fun, and support NYC Anarchist Black Cross & The Base. All funds raised will fund the support of U.S. held political prisoners and the only public anarchist social space in Brooklyn.

The bands playing are:
Mad Diesel (Beatdown Powerviolence, NYHC)
CLAW (Maryland Queer/Vegan/Feminist D-beat)
Lucid Terror (Brooklyn Thrash/Death/Grind)
Miscegenator (Brooklyn Crust Punk)
Folklore (NYC Punk)

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