Our Best (and Maybe Only) Chance to Save the Wild Mustangs

6 Mar

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Armory of the Revolution


I am hard pressed to imagine a greater waste of time and energy by those who care about animals than to rail against Bernie Sanders and to post about the Humane Party.

Those in the Humane Party are among the most dedicated animal activists with the very best of intentions. They no doubt would like to see Humane candidates elected and their policies become the law of the land.

Can’t happen.

Politics isn’t about purity of ideals, it is about raising issues and winning elections. We hope to makes progress two ways. We hope we may make a difference for animals in some way, and we hope to educate and recruit activists.

Neither can be accomplished through the Humane Party.

The American political system is rigged to thwart third parties. No third party in history has ever won the presidency. None have even come close, even when led by nationally…

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