The People Vs Pa Governor Tom Wolf Move 9 Monday’s Restarts 3/7/16

7 Mar

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From Move 9 Parole:

The Upcoming May 2016 parole hearings for our sisters Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa is quickly approaching. Even though they have a May date for their hearings we do not know if this will be the official date due to the fact that the Pa Parole Board has been known now to play the stalling game as recently shown in the almost four month delay for the parole hearing for Eddie Africa. This though is a clear indication of the pressure they are under over the issue of parole for Move Political Prisoners.

This Monday March 7th 2016 we are restarting our Move 9 Monday’s call in campaign and the main target will be Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Pennsylvania’s new Governor has continued to make liberal cries for parole reform across the state yet will not speak on the issue or take action on the…

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