Meet the CPGB-ML, Our society is built upon the economic foundations of monopoly capitalism

11 Mar



Our society is built upon the economic foundations of monopoly capitalism. It’s a system that breeds hatred, division, sexism, racism and war, famine and despair – all in order to prop up and reinforce a system of exploitation that allows 62 billionaires to accumulate as much wealth as half the world’s population.

Social provision of health (the NHS), affordable housing, useful and decently paid work, welfare, culture, sports and leisure facilities, childcare – all the things needed to make working people’s lives decent and meaningful – are all under attack as crisis ridden capitalism looks to protect its profitability at any cost.

Truly the capitalists are our implacable enemies. Their wealth is built upon our poverty. Their joy upon our misery!




Meet the CPGB-ML

A few words about our organisation from some of our members. Hear us out: a better world is possible!


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