Not Only Will the Revolution Not Be Televised, It Will be Downplayed and Lied About

12 Mar

The SYSTEM holds no future for the 99% – A POLITICAL REVOLUTION DOES – Progressive & Left Wing Books & Blogs – Lets Bern It Down –

Revolutionary Radar

If you haven’t yet figured out that the permanently corrupt establishment Democrats, their boot-licking billionaire sponsors, and the corporate-owned lamestream media are trying to deep six the Sanders revolution, you need to wake up and Occupy Reality.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook these days, and I don’t use Facebook for posting pictures of my pets or my children. I use Facebook to connect with others on the subject of politics, legislation and government…and to commiserate about Feelin’ the Bern. I have been a political junkie all my life, but confess that the second Obama regime rendered me disenfranchised. I never wanted to vote for him a second time, but I bought the line of shit that if I voted Green, I was giving the election to the GOP. I no longer buy that propaganda. That kind of attitude is for people who want to maintain the status…

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