Che Guevara’z Foquismo in Theory and Praxis

19 Mar

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History functions as the praxis of social scientific theory; empirical evidence of a theoretical postulate affirms its validity, while its absence serves as a quintessential foil. Perhaps no better example of this axiom exists than the development of a diverse philosophical school of ‘Neo-Marxists’ during the 20th century. Troubled by social and economic problems that conflicted with, or were seemingly unanswerable according to traditional Marxist thought, particularly the delay of socialist revolution when conditions seemed to favor it’s foment, the resurgence of past national identities at the expense of ideological solidarity between socialist states, and the revolutionary regression towards fascism before and during the Second World War, scholars like Herbert Marcuse, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Antonio Gramsci adapted past Marxist/Leninist interpretations to recognize of the complexities of social, cultural, and political conditions. Unwilling to abandon the teleological construct of dialectical materialism with its assurance of the eventuality of revolution, these scholars…

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