19 Mar

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Stokely Carmichael was born in Trinidad and Tobago on June 29, 1941, attending school there before moving to New York City at the age of 11. He attended the elite Bronx High School of Science, where he excelled.

After graduating from Bronx, he enrolled at Howard, where he met and learned from excellent professors and scholars such as Toni Morrison, Nathan Hare, and Sterling Brown. His apartment was a hub for the Howard and DC activist community, and he graduated in 1964 with a B.A. in Philosophy.

While at university, he worked with the Nonviolent Action Group and took part in the famous Freedom Rides. He was arrested several dozen times for this activist work and served time in the notoriously brutal Parchman Farm prison in Mississippi, where he became known as a witty and dedicated leader. He endured terrible tortures and brutality while incarcerated at Parchman, with the warden…

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