Plan B; is the alternative, a backup strategy, when Plan A fails. 

27 Mar


by   Armory of the Revolution

Plan B is the alternative, a backup strategy, when Plan A fails. Or when there really isn’t a plan at all, as is the case with the animal movement.

The animal movement is really not a movement at all. It is a collection of large and small organizations, all competing for support, each having their own objectives, and offering varying degrees of competence to achieve those goals.

As is the case with all nonprofit organizations, the smaller, poorly funded groups often are much more effective in the use of resources than are the multi-million dollar operations which pay their staffs and directors exorbitant salaries and which are models of bureaucracy.

Whatever the size of the organization, those in charge generally have tunnel vision. They work toward their own group’s ends with little concern for issues beyond those addressed in their mission statements.

And because money and volunteer activists drive animal organizations, they are generally uncooperative with each other and jealously guard their donors and supporters from other animal organizations.


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Such a paradigm does not lend itself to the leadership of a broad social movement. And, predictably, the animal movement (if it can even be described as such) is leaderless, rudderless, inefficient, and grossly ineffective.

But most importantly, there is no plan. None to be found anywhere. No leaders, organizations, or activists working together to assure a future for the animal movement, or framing a set of goals for the movement, or even having a vague concept of how to achieve said goals if they even had them.

The movement is Balkanized. There is little coordination among groups, no prioritizing of efforts, no weighing of priorities or evaluating the success of various strategies. Understandably, companion animals receive most attention and the largest proportion of resources, even though they make up a tiny fraction of the animals abused and exploited by people. Most animal activists are dog and cat rescuers, and most animal activists first became involved with animal issues through helping to save unwanted pets that were being killed in municipal animal shelters.

Over the last 50 years such efforts have dramatically reduced the wholesale killing of dogs and cats in the US. At it’s apex, US cities and counties were murdering nearly half a million dogs and cats per year. That figure is now around 40,000.

All of the animals saved by animal activists over the last 50 years number some 50 million worldwide, or fewer than the number of animals who will be murdered in slaughterhouses in the next 8 hours.



(Dr. Steve Best and Blendeskil: The Radical Revolution Tour Video1 (Total Liberation and Pro-Choice) Provocative New Animal Liberation Movie — “One”)


The greatest horror of all is the Animal Holocaust, which claims the lives of 60,000,000,000 (sixty billion) animals each year on slaughterhouse floors, and another 2400 billion sea creatures who die in ships’ holds, nets, dredges, traps, and on long lines.

But the Animal Holocaust is being addressed and fought against by only a small fraction of animal activists. Most animal activists are not vegetarians, let alone vegans, and by eating meat, eggs, and dairy, and wearing leather and wool, are contributing to the very cruelty, exploitation, and killings that other activists are fighting.

Fifty years ago, slaughterhouses were claiming the lives of one quarter of the animals they presently kill.

And the number of animals being murdered has never been as high as it is today.

The most forward thinking animal rights advocates recognize that the enemy of animals is the very system under which we live. Most animals are killed for profit, for business, by capitalism.

Capitalism encourages and rewards animal exploitation, abuse, and death. Animals are considered nothing more than property, to be used and killed in the pursuit of profits.

Capitalism rewards exploiting animals, rewards raising and murdering them. Capitalism bestows profits upon those who increase production and consumption of anything. Including animals.

Socialism removes profits from the equation………..Saving animals is not a goal of socialism. Saving animals is a by-product of socialism. Saving animals is not a bit intentional, but is a function of socialist economics……….MORE


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