Hezbollah’s Candidate Becomes Lebanese President After Sunni Compromise (from @Truthdig)

2 Nov


Lebanon finally has a president, Michel Aoun.  In accordance with the country’s national pact, he is a Maronite Christian (a Catholic uniate church), and happens to be a former general.  The US and Israel won’t be pleased that he is a strong ally of the Shiite Hizbullah party-militia and a backer of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.  (Most Levantine Christians are either neutral or pro-Assad; virtually none support the Syrian rebels, now mainly fundamentalists).

Well, Americans who are eager for their own presidential election to be over with should imagine what it would be like for the contest to go on another 2.5 years before it was resolved.  That’s what Lebanese have had to put up with.  Of course, it has a parliamentary form of government, so most power is anyway in the hands of the prime minister and the cabinet.  But still and all, not being able to elect a president has been a black mark on the parliament.  The parliament, which hasn’t been able to supply the Lebanese with water, electricity or garbage collection, and which has twice extended its term of service since 2013, so that it is well past its sell-by date, could hardly take more black marks.




Source: Hezbollah’s Candidate Becomes Lebanese President After Sunni Compromise (from @Truthdig)






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