How the Left Should Approach Life After the Election With Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in Charge (from @Truthdig)

5 Nov


Source: How the Left Should Approach Life After the Election With Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in Charge (from @Truthdig)




● Says that immigrants from Mexico are rapists and murderers and goes on bizarre rants claiming that “criminal aliens” are wreaking havoc in the United States.
● Suggests (against all evidence) that blacks and Latinos will commit voter fraud.
● Attacked a Mexican-American federal judge for ruling against the scam “Trump University,” attributing the magistrate’s decision to his ethnicity.
● Promises to build a giant nativist wall on the nation’s southern border “and make Mexico pay for it.”
● Has advocated banning adherents of an entire world religion (Islam) from the United States.
● Promises to round up and deport millions of Mexican and Central American immigrants.
● Offered to pay the legal bills of a white man who viciously sucker-punched a black protester at a Trump rally.
● Failed to properly distance himself from the Klu Klux Klan.
● Responds to the racial turbulence sparked by repeated video-captured police killings of black Americans by calling for a “national stop and frisk law”—that is, for a declaration of national racist martial law.
● Leads with this as his solution to the nation’s racial divisions: “We need to restore law and order” and “control our cities.” (Translation: “we need to control our unruly blacks with the iron fist of the police state.”)
● Continues to defend the railroading of the “Central Park Five”—five young black men who were wrongfully convicted (with Trump leading the charge) of raping a white woman in New York City in 1989. (The subsequently exonerated five spent years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit).
● Gives a commanding position in his campaign to the director of Breitbart, an openly white-nationalist, paranoid-style and alt-right (proto-fascistic) website.
● Engaged in the ugly racist imitation of an Asian accent in front of a hot microphone.
● Mocked a disabled reporter in a chillingly juvenile way in front of a hot microphone.
● Calls climate change “weather”; says that global warming is hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to harm U.S. manufacturing, and promises to completely deregulate fossil fuels—to push the carbon emission pedal to the metal.
● Promises to honor the results of the presidential election only if he wins, egging his more extreme backers to engage in violence if the count doesn’t go his way.
● Calls his political opponents “losers” and gives them nasty, juvenile nicknames and brags about his (you can’t make this up) genitals.
● Has a long and ugly record of sexual harassment and violence while suggesting that women are responsible for sexual harassment in the workplace.
● Insulted the looks of a fellow Republican presidential candidate and those of other candidates’ wives.
● Engaged in a rolling sexist vendetta against Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.
● Has a record of calling women “fat,” “bitches,” “nasty” and the like.
● Behaved like a lazy, boorish, and spoiled adolescent during his “presidential” “debates” with Hillary Clinton—events for which he openly failed to prepare.
● Followed his first hideous debate performance by going on a bizarre Twitter tirade at 3 a.m. against a former Miss Universe he once labeled “Miss Piggy.”
● Wondered aloud why the U.S. can’t use nuclear weapons, and says it might be good for Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan to be equipped with nuclear weapons.
● Advocates the use of torture and even the killing of terrorists’ families and relatives in the U.S. war on (of) terror.
● Boasted that he’d “shoot” Iranian naval ships if they ever again interdict “our beautiful destroyers with their little boats.”
● Refers to himself as brilliant, citing his vast personal fortune (accumulated over many years of abusive and predatory worker- and consumer-cheating business practices) as “proof.”
● Feuded with the parents of a Muslim U.S. soldier killed in Iraq, claiming that he too has “sacrificed” by employing “thousands and thousands of people.” (A remarkable comment: Being born into wealth and in position to hire people is not a “sacrifice.” If Trump isn’t reaping profits from all those workers under his command, he must not be the brilliant capitalist be claims to be.)
● Said this when a military veteran gave Trump the one-time soldier’s Purple Heart medal, bestowed on troops injured in battle: “I always wanted a Purple Heart. This was a lot easier.” (Donald Trump, Mr. Sacrifice, used college deferments to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War.)
● Refuses to release his tax returns, something no major party presidential candidate has done since the infamous Richard Nixon.
● Interjected as Clinton explained (in the first “debate”) that his non-payment of federal taxes over many years cost the nation money that could have been used for education and welfare: “That makes me smart.”
● Interjected when Clinton noted his long record of cheating workers, contractors, and governments: “That’s called business.”………..More

Many Culprits…………. 





The rigged system holds no future for the 99% a political revolution does.



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