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12 Nov


Our system is failing. Profound anger at a rigged system has led many voters to reach for something different – even if it means turning in a dangerous new direction. The voters have rejected a stale elite consensus, but we are now confronting a still greater threat. What remains of Madisonian checks and balances has delivered us over to a demagogue at the head of some of the most sinister forces in American political life. Rollback of such basic protections as the Voting Rights Act has re-opened the door to voter suppression and the threat of massive expulsion of immigrants. Violence against women has been discounted and trivialized. The ugly language of hatred and discrimination is abroad in the land.

Voters responding to a rejection of Washington have returned to Washington politicians who are anything but friends of ordinary working people.

Source: Dark Times Call For Brighter New Visions Of The World We Want To See | PopularResistance.Org




The coming period will be one of great difficulty. Pain and suffering will increase, but it will not fall on everyone equally. We must defend what we mistakenly thought was secure, or what we already knew was in jeopardy – whether the right to vote, to organize, to dissent, to have health care, to marry, to control one’s own body, or even to exist in public as black or brown or female or gay or transgender or Muslim without the ever-present threat of violence, rejection, or deportation.

At the same time, we must not allow ourselves to be trapped on the defensive. Crises of climate, of racial and ethnic injustice, of inequality and vast economic insecurity – and more – are already challenging us, demanding clear and credible answers. Together we must craft a powerful strategic response to the changed and changing political environment. With Washington currently an even smaller place of hope, we must seek out and vigorously pursue other avenues and pathways to change, from the bottom up and through alliances at all levels.

Our response must begin with a new politics but also recognize the need to build a new system – one that offers a new vision and new institutions to support a new politics as we go forward……read more




There will be No justice, No peace, No equality and No Liberty as long as the Rich Rule Over Us! Don’t Mourn Organize. The rigged system holds no future for the 99% a political revolution does.

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