Dangerous Americans: The Trump Nominees in Full

17 Dec


Rep. Tom Price (R-Georgia), who has viciously attacked the Affordable Care Act, on an elevator in the lobby at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, on November 16, 2016. President-elect Donald Trump has selected Price to be secretary of Health and Human Services, according to a transition team official. (Photo: Hilary Swift / The New York Times)

Newsflash: A spokesperson for Donald Trump announced today that Dr. Hannibal Lecter, former psychiatrist and avid foodie, will officially join the upcoming administration as White House chef. The choice of Dr. Lecter seems an odd one, given his highly publicized brushes with law enforcement and his taste for lightly seasoned string players, but the president-elect assured everyone that it will be great, really great. In response to a request for comment, Dr. Lecter said, “Ready when you are, Mr. Trump. Love your suit.”

Seriously, though, would it surprise you at this point? Not me. I left shock behind weeks ago, and now greet these appalling cabinet nominations with what could be called a feeble grunt. Andrew Puzder hates workers? Labor Secretary! Scott Pruitt hates the EPA? EPA Secretary! Tom Price hates contraception? Health Secretary! Betsy DeVos hates public schools? Education Secretary! It’s like “Opposite Day” around here. Anyone at the inauguration party who sees fava beans and a nice Chianti on the menu should run for their lives.

Sometimes you have to laugh because the truth, as it stands, is terrifying


Source: Dangerous Americans: The Trump Nominees in Full




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