Is Your Mayor a Murderer?

8 Mar

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Who is responsible for the deaths of animals in shelters?

Certainly the breeder or the irresponsible pet owner is guilty, but so are the local politicians who care more about taxes and expenditures than they do about life. They hire the people to kill the dogs and cats. They refuse to spend the money to provide outreach, adoption initiatives, long term care.

Companion animals are incapable of fending for themselves in the wild. Humans created them to be companions. Humans are responsible for them. Human society should provide for them.

The people who kill shelter animals are all of us. Most are part of the killing through ignorance. But the local politicians, the bureaucrats, and those who stab the dogs and cats with needles are all scum.

If someone abandoned a child on your doorstep you would certainly think the person reprehensible. But would you kill the child because it…

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